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Coffee Shop's Mascot

Fly-ocean large fiberglass teacup sculpture, suitable for outdoor decoration of coffee shop, tea house, restaurant and other catering shop. The huge teacup shape is placed at the door of the store. It is not only an iconic ornament that attracts attention, but an advertising sign that can tell people what shop it is. Through the image of the cup, it is easy to remind the pedestrians of drinking tea, coffee, resting and chatting here.

In addition to the regular coffee cup shape, we can also make different shapes of cup sculptures, such as cup pouring coffee from the air, or cup sculptures with seats, etc. The cute teacup shape is very attractive to children and young people, and it attracts people to take photos with them. We can customize the logo on the teacup according to the customer's needs. When someone takes a photo with the teacup, the teacup becomes the billboard of the store and plays a role in promotion.


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